...And how would one like one's Paraplanner...

HRPayPriority Account – Hourly Rated Service on account

We know that some advisers love the proactive and continuous service our Priority Accounts provide. You place money on account as a credit and have access to our full team, working for you and your business, drawing against the credit you’ve paid, providing a continuous, seamless service for all admin, research, reporting, practice management –  whatever you require. You have access to your own dedicated team each day to complete the tasks, reports and management that is needed of them. We run your account and flex the monthly payment as your business needs change.

AdminAd-Hoc – Hourly Rated service Pay on invoice

We also understand that some advisers prefer to send us a case and be invoiced on its completion – Turnaround times are longer, but there’s no retainer to pay each month and the case is fit into the teams schedule where possible. 

Adviser sends case – We send an estimate – Case complete – case Checked – Case Returned – Invoice sent

Paraplanner by hourly rate
Our standard service - Your Paraplanner works on your reports or any business needs, but only when we schedule them to, within your pre-booked hours. Rates based on our hourly rates. No set Paraplanner.
Book a case in as a one off
For the adviser who wants the odd case done without any contractual tie in. Send is a case via the client area of our site and we will provide an estimate and book it in.
Lease a Paraplanner
You "lease' a Paraplanner to work for you only on a set day for either half or a full day. You have total control of your Paraplanner - they work as if remote for you in that time you book. If you don't use their time it's on you.
The Paraplanner Portal
Post your Paraplanning task or report to a job board to receive bids from freelance paraplanners from all over the country. Select your Paraplanner based on the bid you prefer. View Paraplanners bio's and star rating. Work is quote and invoiced through our portal, providing a seamless service without any contractual tie-ins.
ServicingThe Paraplanner Charter – Lease a Paraplanner

Sometimes advisers just like to know they have a Paraplanner available for fixed rate for a certain day or for half a day each week. They don’t need a full or even part time paraplanner and they do not like the hassle of HR in employing, but they do want to have a Paraplanner once or twice a week to support them, and they want full control of the paraplanner on that day. They want to ‘lease’ that Paraplanner for that day and have total control on the work they complete within that time. That’s why we have created ‘The Paraplanner Charter’.  Ask us how this works.

The Paraplanning Portal

With our portal there is no business relationship with Eparaplan – you simply create a free portal account, Post your paraplanning task or report to the job board and receive bids from freelance paraplanners from all over the country. You then select your paraplanner based on the bid you prefer. You will be able to view each paraplanners’ bio’s and their star rating. The work is quote and invoiced through the portal, providing a seamless service without any contractual tie-ins. – COMING SOON!

Take a look at our standard Fee Guide 
This does not include details of The Paraplanner Charter or The Paraplanning Portal.