Why Outsource?

In today’s world, outsourcing key parts of an organisation helps to ensure business stability and longevity, giving organisations time to focus on other areas that require unique development.

Every financial services firm requires financial administration and paraplanning and increasing regulation means the adviser is not able to do it all.

You are not an administrator, paraplanner, office manager, or HR manager – you are a highly skilled and qualified financial planning expert and should be focussing on being just that!

What can you outsource to eparaplan?

Put simply, we do everything. It’s actually easier to tell you what we can’t do. Our model is designed to give advisers back their time, to see their clients, generate opportunities or spend time doing what they love – golf or yoga maybe? Do you need a second opinion or want someone technical to help build the advice? We can do that too! Not only do we work with all back office systems, research tools, platforms and compliance providers; we also work closely with Standards International. We understand how important it is that your business runs efficiently, we can help implement and document key processes and bring your business up to the ISO, BSI or WOWW! standard.
For further detail on the services we offer, please see our services page or get in touch today.

What are the benefits?


If you're looking for a firm who's mission it is to really understand your business, your goals and ambitions and actually help you achieve them, all whilst providing a fully bespoke, white-labelled service that will make your customers feel valued, then that is us. Don't just take our word for it, why not speak to one of our existing clients?

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Due Diligence

To adhere to FCA requirements on outsourcing, we have a full suite of due diligence documents available.
To access these documents please contact us.