Business Support

Virtual Office


Our virtual office is perfect for the small financial firm that may not yet have a dedicated office or someone who is out seeing clients and no time to deal with the calls or open, scan and action any post items. 

All of our full-service larger clients also use the virtual office services as it eliminates a need to scan and send post for our team to implement any actions arising from it. However, it is also available to any adviser firm needing someone to answer calls and/or action post. 

Support includes:

  • Call Answering
  • Post delivered to our offices – opened – actioned – saved
  • All postage and printing expenses included
  • From £77 per month

Reception support


Do you need someone to answer the phone who has a financial services skillset? Someone who can answer the call, log it correctly onto your own back office system and then deal with the query for you? Most adviser’s employ a receptionist to carry out this task or use outsourced call answering services. However we can do that for you and with our skills and industry knowledge – we can handle the call to provide a better client outcome – a reduction in the advisers need to follow up and a better business profile.

The virtual reception service is available to all financial services businesses, including financial advisers, mortgage advisers, Life offices etc

This is a new service and does not require you to have an account with eparaplan already, nor do you have to use us for admin or paraplanning services.

We noted many advisers use call answering providers to ensure telephone calls are picked up quickly. However, from our research, none of these providers can truly respond to the query on the end of the phone and simply log the call and pass on a message for the adviser to deal with.

We can now take that call for you, have access to your systems and log the call and update your client’s database directly. Not only that but we can deal with the query on your behalf. For example – If a client calls to advise a letter is missing, or an application has been returned – or maybe the client is confused on how to fill a form or what documents the adviser needs to deal with a trust, request an income payment from an investment – we can take the call and deal with the call, whilst ensuring compliance and monitoring is carried out along the way.

This service is only £397 a month. Any additional administration or paraplanning work you ask us to deal with on your behalf to fulfil the needs of the caller is then simply invoiced at the end of the month using our standard hourly rates which start at £31.50.

Clients already using this service have said it has removed the worry of missing calls, plus the clients now know the same people answer their calls and can actually help rather than frustrating them by passing a message on. After all, we hate to hear “I’ll let him/her know and they will be in touch in due course” when we are trying to discuss our money don’t we.

  • Call answering service
  • Database Management
  • Note taking
  • Client responses provided
  • Queries actioned
  • All expenses included
  • £397 fixed monthly cost

PA/EA Support


A virtual Executive Assistant or Personal Assistant is perfect for the busy adviser who needs someone to control, organise and manage not only the advisers needs but also the business’s needs. 

We have always provided this support to our ‘full service’ clients, and are now extending to all of clients as a standalone service too!

Having your personal assistant book your diary, call clients to remind them of appointments and ensure your CPD log is up to date is a big weight off the mind!

Not only that but we will arrange flowers to be delivered or organise your Christmas gifts through a personal concierge service!  We work with you to raise your profile with your clients with nice surprises such as birthday cards, personally designed by one of our in house designers for that extra va va vroom and a great touchpoint for future relationships.

Areas covered include:

  • Diary management
  • Email Management
  • Organising Business Insurances etc
  • CPD Updates
  • Concierge Service
  • Birthday cards – handwritten and sent automatically
  • Minute taking in virtual meetings
  • Typing up notes and voice recordings
  • From £31.50 per hour

Operations support


We understand the benefits of having set processes in place to enable businesses to operate more effectively. Sticking to set processes brings about vital benefits, such as, a more streamlined business, an increase in team efficiency, and the reduction of errors.

Here at EPP we have experience of creating bespoke process guides or even have ‘off the shelf’ solutions, having worked with numerous firms in the past. These process guides should help your business become a smarter, more efficient operation.

These are offered free to advisers who entrust us to undertake their administration on paraplanning work.

Should you wish to utilise this service offering, we will work with you to understand how your current business operates. This will enable us to appreciate where you are at currently and what systems and processes you in have place.  We will then create a process map/guide for the core procedures within your business which should help ensure that all your staff are working in unison with each other and carrying out tasks with a high degree of accuracy. Although, this is a free service for our full service clients, the value in having a full library of process guides on your business is undeniably priceless! 

  • Annual ISA Campaign Service
  • Process manuals written
  • Task trackers created
  • A full operating manual created
  • Free to full service clients or Prices from £62.70 per hour